Staff Directory

In Alphabetical Order

Kally Basra
Executive Coordinator to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Tel: (780) 492-3836
Kally provides comprehensive executive support to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) including schedule/calendar management. She coordinates all correspondence and communications for the Provost including vetting items requiring his signature and approval. All requests for the Provost are coordinated through her.

Gisele Bourgeois
Executive Coordinator to the Deputy Provost
Tel: (780) 492-7494
Gisele provides comprehensive administrative support to the Deputy Provost, including calendar management. She is the first point of contact in the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). All requests for the Deputy Provost are coordinated through the EA.

Kathleen Brough
Senior Administrative Officer
Tel: (780) 492-6655
Kathleen provides strategic advice and manages issues for the Provost, Deputy Provost and the senior team. Kathleen is also responsible for coordinating activities at a senior level across the academic portfolio and with other portfolios.

Keri Chevalier
Committee and Records Coordinator
Tel: (780) 492-6830
Keri provides general coordination support to the committees managed by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and is also responsible for document and records management.

Theresa Curry
Financial Officer
Tel: (780) 492-8372
Theresa oversees financial aspects of the academic portfolio including institutional, operating, and endowment funds.

Edith Finczak
Director, Academic Budget and Planning
Tel: (780) 492-4957
Edith provides high level financial advice and guidance to the Office of the Provost and the Faculties. She is a key liaison with faculties and units on operational issues of academic planning, enrolment and budgeting.

Suzanne French
Portfolio Initiatives Coordinator
Tel: (780) 492-7586
Suzanne provides administrative program support for MOOC oversight and development, as well as resource support for international oversight committees. Suzanne also provides technical support for program and policy development and approval processes.

Evelyn Hamdon
Senior Advisor, Equity and Human Rights
Tel: (780) 492-8138
Evelyn plays a leading role in advancing the university’s EDI strategic direction. She provides advice to senior leadership in all portfolios and throughout all areas of the university’s academic mandate. Working with colleagues across the university, Evelyn facilitates the development of education and awareness on issues related to EDI for senior administrators and for senior administrator recruitment and review committees, university governance committees, and other priority bodies.

Jenny Lambe
Receptionist and Office Assistant
Tel: (780) 492-1893
Jenny provides reception and general administrative support to the office.

Logan Mardhani-Bayne
Strategic Development Manager
Tel: (780) 492-6617
Logan coordinates strategic planning for the Office of the Provost and VP (Academic). In collaboration with other institutional portfolios, he takes a lead role in the development of key strategic documents, and guides initiatives to transform long-term institutional goals into action such as the Signature Areas and EDI initiatives.

Andrea Patrick
Portfolio Initiatives Manager
Tel: (780) 492-6709
Andrea supports the oversight of academic programs including liaising with the Ministry and the Campus Alberta Quality Council on new academic program proposals. Andrea is also the lead on the Quality Assurance program and activities. She also coordinates portfolio policy development, provides support for projects and initiatives.

Carley Roth
Executive Assistant to the Vice-Provosts
Tel: (780) 492-2280
Carley provides administrative support and calendar management to the Vice-Provost (Programs), Vice-Provost (Learning Initiatives), and Associate Vice-President (Research) and (Academic).

Angela Strachan
Administrative and Financial Coordinator
Tel: (780) 492-7404
Angela manages the day-to-day financial activities of the office and ensures all financial transactions are in compliance with policy and procedure. She is the first point of contact for any payments requiring approval of the Provost.