Teaching Collaboration Award

This award is intended to recognize publicly teaching excellence that occurs as a result of collaboration, to publicize such excellence to the University and the wider community, to encourage the pursuit of such excellence, and to promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement at the University of Alberta

Collaboration may occur between or among members of different groups within the university and beyond and may include, but is not limited to: teaching assistants, technical staff, community partners, etc.. Collaboration may occur in a course team (e.g. a course comprised of several sections) or other teaching projects that involve instructors collaborating in the design and implementation of instruction at the undergraduate or graduate level and who are actively involved in the delivery of instruction.    

NOTE: Applications now closed.


Award recipients will be selected based on their demonstration of sustained commitment to excellence in undergraduate and/or graduate teaching at the University of Alberta. The adjudication committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing the application: 

  1. Impact of teaching (not all sub-criteria may apply)
    1. Commitment to undergraduate and/or graduate teaching excellence at the University of Alberta
    2. Course development efforts: examples of the (re)design of new courses (why change was needed, what was done, what is unique about the change and what is the evidence for its effectiveness?)
    3. Strategies showing reflection and change over time (why change was needed, what was done, rationale behind the changes, evidence for their effectiveness, a description of the learning outcomes)
    4. Creativity in undergraduate and/or graduate teaching that enhances learning and engages students. 
    5. Broad range of teaching at undergraduate and/or graduate levels in various settings (such as labs, studios, clinics, traditional classrooms, non-traditional classrooms, supervision, mentorship, land-based learning, experiential learning etc.)
    6. Engagement with a variety of assessment tasks for determining student learning.
    7. Intersections among applicant’s research program, community engagement, and teaching.
  2. Engagement with the Indigenous Strategic Plan
    1. How do you incorporate or engage with Incorporating or engaging with Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, teaching, learning, and being (Braiding Past, Present and Future: University of Alberta’s Indigenous Strategic Plan) or the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action (2016) in your teaching?.
  3. Engagement with equity, diversity and inclusion
    1. How do you incorporate or engage with the institutional commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion?
  4. Planned Activities Description
    1. Innovation of planned activities
    2. Impact of the planned activities on student learning and alignment with the institutional strategic plan(s). 

NOTE: Funds in the amount of $3,500 will be awarded to be used for the further development and innovation of teaching within the teaching collaboration.


NOTE: Applications closed January 15, 2024. 

Phase 1
The multi-modal submission for consideration for the Teaching Collaboration Award shall include:

  1. Introduction to the Teaching Collaboration (maximum 7 pages) 
  2. Planned Activities Description and Budget (maximum 2 pages)
  3. Names of 3 references (including, but not limited to: students, supervisors, colleagues, community-at-large members, etc.)

NOTE: The adjudication committee will contact the references of the long-listed applicants

TEMPLATE Teaching Collaboration Award

Modality Formatting Guidelines
Using a chosen submission modality* (e.g. video, text, multimedia, etc) and language** please follow the guidelines below when completing your application: 

Text: adherence to the following guidelines ensures reader accessibility: 

  • Typed, single space
  • Calibri, 11 point font
  • Standard letter size (8x11)
  • 1-inch margins 
  • Accessible PDF document

Video: there is no minimum requirement (maximum 3 minutes)

NOTE: The Digital Scholarship Centre offers support for the creation and production of multimedia resources, including access to a new media studio, assistance with video production, and free consultations with knowledgeable staff. 

* If we haven’t yet thought of the way in which you would like to submit your Phase 1 application, please let us know at teaching.awards@ualberta.ca

** Translation services are available upon request at no cost.

Phase 2

All applicants will be contacted following the GFC University Teaching Awards Committee (UTAC) adjudication meeting. Additional materials supporting the application will be solicited from the long listed candidates. Examples of requested materials may include, but are not limited to: student feedback, syllabus, assignments, lecture notes or recorded lectures, student presentations (with permission) etc.

The University communities are encouraged to support applications for these awards as part of our commitment to inclusive teaching excellence.

Please contact teaching.awards@ualberta.ca should you have any difficulties with your submission.


University Teaching Awards Committee will adjudicate the award. Committee proceedings are to be confidential.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training 

The University of Alberta will provide training on equity, diversity and inclusion-including instructions on limiting the impact of conscious and unconscious bias-to all individuals involved in the adjudication process.

Announcement of the Award

The award recipients will be recognized at the annual Celebrate! Teaching. Learning. Research event.