Helping Individuals at Risk can provide assistance in a variety of ways:

  • Assess the reported behaviours and triage the level of risk
  • Provide recommendations and coaching on how best to manage the situation
  • Discuss safety measures
  • Provide resources for the individual at risk
  • Share information with other campus services to assist with managing risk
  • Follow up with relevant parties as needed
  • Refer cases to the Helping Individuals at Risk Case Team as necessary
  • Refer cases to the Vice Provost and Dean of Students and/or Associate Vice-President, Human Resources, for review under Protocol 91.

Helping Individuals at Risk Case Team

The Helping Individual at Risk Case Team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to triage the risk of an Individual at Risk’s behavior and develop an action plan to manage the risk. The Case Team meets to discuss cases reported to the HIAR program that are deemed to be of an elevated nature (e.g. harm to others cases, multiple harm to self reports regarding the same individual). The Case Team is not a disciplinary body, nor does it deal with imminent danger or emergencies, as the University has systems in place for dealing with these issues. 

Membership includes:

  • University of Alberta Protective Services
  • The Office of the Dean of Students
  • Residence Services
  • Human Resources

Protocol 91 for Urgent Cases of Disruptive, Threatening or Violent Conduct

The Protocol 91 Team’s primary purpose is to ensure the safety of people within the University community. Protocol 91 provides a means by which serious incidents that have occurred or pose an imminent threat can be handled expeditiously. It applies to disruptive, threatening or violent conduct by any member of the University of Alberta community or members of the public that occurs on University property or in connection with University-related functions. Membership of the Protocol 91 team is dependent on if a student, faculty, staff member or postdoctoral fellow is responsible for the conduct of concern.