One world: Our health

Lord Nigel Crisp
Independent Member of the House of Lords
Chief Executive of the National Health Service in England (2000-2006)
Permanent Secretary of the United Kingdom Department of Health (2000-2006)

One world health-not first or third world health-touches all people in all communities.

Focused on the shared issues we face around the world, from epidemics to climate change, Lord Crisp explores the future of health in our global community.

"We need to better understand the things that unite and divide us: increasing interdependence, shared opportunities and the need for shared action on the one hand-and shared risks, vulnerabilities, conflicts and massive inequities on the other. There is much to learn from one another-and the West does not necessarily know best."

The School of Public Health welcomed Lord Nigel Crisp for the 2016 Douglas R. Wilson Lecture on public health on Friday, October 21.

View the recording of this lecture here.

Nigel Crisp is an independent member of the House of Lords and co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health.

He was chief executive of the National Health Service and permanent secretary of the Department of Health from 2000-2006. He had earlier been chief executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital National Health Service Trust.

More recently he has worked and published extensively on health in low and middle income countries, particularly Africa, and held several academic roles.