Healthy Communities Conversation Series

Upcoming Healthy Communities Conversation topics for the Fall of 2024 will be announced soon.

The Healthy Communities Conversation is part of a regular series.  Each visionary conversation will spark insights and ideas about a critical topic facing our diverse communities. All are welcome to participate.

Previous Healthy Communities Conversation Topics

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January 30, 2024: Strengthening health promotion capacity among Indigenous communities

January 31, 2023: Storm and wastewater reuse - what dimensions should we explore with the public to socialize the need for water reuse knowing that our fresh drinking water supply is a limited resource?

November 30, 2022: How do we get where we want to go? Building healthy communities through active transportation and active school travel.

September 22, 2022: How have people's connections to their neighbourhoods and communities changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

May 3, 2022: What are some of the ways that we can reduce or address social and health inequities and who has a role in this?

November 3, 2021: How schools serve as powerful settings to build communities.

June 17, 2021: Health equity - what does this mean to you?

April 29, 2021: Healthy homes, healthy communities - what does this mean in a post-COVID future?

Café Scientifique

Driving Multi-Level Action to Improve Financial Wellbeing

Join us on April 30, 2024 for a Café Scientifique focused on driving multi-level action on the causes of poverty to support financial wellbeing. Plan to engage and share learnings with other members of the general public, researchers, decision-makers, practitioners, and organizational partners about the causes and consequences of poor financial wellbeing and how we can collectively take action. 

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Webinar and Panel Discussion: Health Benefits, Strategies, and Examples to Help Strengthen Social Cohesion in Alberta

Did you know that living within a social cohesive community has been associated with a wide range of improved health outcomes for its members? Learn more at this webinar and panel presentation on April 23, 2024.

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To listen to recordings of previous webinars see the webinar resource section. 

Innovation FORUM

The Innovation Forum is one of the Centre for Healthy Communities' (CHC) signature events. It is aligned with CHC's ethos of working with intersectoral partners to address the complex issues that impact community health, wellbeing and sustainability. The annual Innovation Forum is a platform for connection and collaboration that provides an opportunity to highlight different voices and perspectives to inspire and inform critical action on the wide range of issues concerning healthy communities.

Each year we explore a new and timely topic related to healthy communities. 

Centre for Healthy Communities - Innovation Forum 2024

Proposed Topic: Water Reuse and Climate Resiliency

*The date for the 2024 Centre for Healthy Communities Innovation Forum will be announced in the Spring of 2024. Sign-up to receive the Centre for Healthy Communities newsletter to stay informed. 

Centre for Healthy Communities - Innovation Forum 2023

Topic: Community Safety and Wellbeing Policies in Alberta's Communities: An Interactive Knowledge Sharing, Idea Generation, and Networking Event

Date: November 30, 2023

Hosted in Partnership with: Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy

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Centre for Healthy Communities - Innovation Forum - 2019

Topic: How do we tangibly support Alberta's communities to reach their healthiest possible future?

Date: November 4, 2019

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