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Jacqueline Hebert, MD, FRCPC

Associate Professor

Medicine & Dentistry | Rehabilitation Medicine | Engineering


About Me

Dr. Hebert is the director of the BLINC Lab, and has research appointments at the University of Alberta and a clinical appointment at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr. Hebert leads the interdisciplinary clinical team that performs upper limb Targeted Reinnervation (TR) surgery in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her research team studies advanced motor control and sensory feedback systems for upper limb myoelectric devices, under a group of projects known as "Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control" or "BLINC". Research interests also include using technology to quantify and improve outcomes following limb amputation.


Current Research:

  • Targeted re-innervation for upper limb amputation
  • Sensory feedback systems for myoelectric prostheses
  • The Myoelectric Training Tool: a clinical and research platform
  • The Bento Arm
  • Outcome metrics for upper limb prosthetic performance
  • Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment for performance assessment