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Joanne C Volden, PhD

Professor Emerita

Rehabilitation Medicine

Communication Sciences and Disorders

About Me

PhD - Educational Psychology, Special Education - University of Alberta
MClSc - Communicative Disorders - University of Western Ontario
BSc - Rehabilitation Medicine, Speech Pathology & Audiology - University of Alberta

Background Information 
Academic positions
Assistant Professor, UofA, Rehabilitation Medicine: 1999-2004
Associate Professor, UofA, Rehabilitation Medicine:  2004-2008
Associate Dean, UofA, Rehabilitation Medicine:  2008-2012 

Personal Interests
Development and disorders of pragmatic language and social cognition; with a particular emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Current Research
Involved in a longitudinal study of developmental trajectories of children with ASD from first diagnosis. We have followed them to age 10 thus far.

With graduate students, investigating gender differences in social communication in ASD, and neural basis of figurative language comprehension.