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John Misiaszek, PhD, BSc

Vice Dean

Rehabilitation Medicine

Occupational Therapy

About Me

Current Research

  • Motor Control, Balance, Gait, Neurophysiology, Sensorimotor Integration
  • Dynamic equilibrium in the walking cat
  • Afferent regulation of hip muscle activity during walking in the decerebrate cat
  • Role of hand tactile information in balance control during walking
  • Adaptation of spinal reflexes during walking


Funding sources: NSERC, CIHR

Additional information about Dr. Misiaszek's Current Research, Publications and more can be found on his website:


I currently teach the 'neurosciences' content of the OT curriculum. The content used to be taught in a single course, but this traditional approach meant that relevant knowledge was delivered after it would have been useful to support other clinical content. Consequently, we "deconstructed" the course and students now receive foundational neuroscience material in smaller packets throughout the curriculum, but when it is most relevant to the clinical content it supports. 

I also consistently support the Neursocience and Mental Health Institute's undergraduate program by accepting independent study and honors thesis students into the lab. If you are interested in learning more about the neuromechanics approaches used in my lab, or the topic of the motor control of balance, please connect - there are always opportunities to further your knowledge and professional development.