About CIHR

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is Canada's federal funding agency for health research.

Dr. Michael J Strong is CIHR's new President.

CIHR goals include:

  • "funding both investigator-initiated research as well as research on targeted priority areas;
  • building research capacity in under-developed areas and training the next generation of health researchers; and
  • focusing on knowledge translation that facilitates the application of the results of research and their transformation into new policies, practices, procedures, products and services."

CIHR funds health research under four themes: 1. Biomedical, 2. Clinical, 3. Health Systems Services, and 4. Population Health. CIHR holds funding competitions for both investigator- and strategic/priority-driven research. In 2018-2019 CIHR investments were $1088M .

CIHR's funding opportunities may be found on ResearchNet. (Be sure to click on "view more" as not all funding opportunities are shown on the homepage.) Deadlines occur throughout the year. Operating funding for investigator-initiated research is divided into two opportunities, the "Project" and "Foundation" competitions.

If you would like to discuss CIHR and its funding opportunities, and how the Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) can help support submissions, please contact Joanne Simala (Director, Grant Assist Program, Health Sciences) at jls24@ualberta.ca.