ACUC Livestock

The ACUC: Livestock oversees the ethical use of farm production animals/ livestock (mainly pigs, poultry and ruminants). Research may involve small animal models for human nutrition and biomedical research.

The review committee consists of a veterinarian, animal technician(s), scientists who are knowledgeable in animal care and use with a variety of species, graduate students and community members. Ad hoc reviewers are called on periodically to provide additional expertise as required (e.g. statisticians, ethicists, Environmental Health and Safety/ Biosafety Officers, etc.). Please contact the Committee Coordinator if you wish to volunteer to serve on a review committee.

Animal Service Unit

Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences Animal Service (AFNSAS) provides veterinarian oversight and animal support services for the protocols reviewed by the Livestock ACUC.

Submission Deadline

PLEASE NOTE: "Submission Deadline" dates below reflect the date that the application must be received by the ACUC. Please allow time for your study to move through any required Animal Service Unit approvals, which could take several business days. As such, applications should be submitted in advance of the Submission Deadline date to ensure they are received by the ACUC by the Submission Deadline.

All meetings are held virtually (due to COVID-19).

Committee Specialist

Marianne Hert