REB 4: Health Research Ethics Board - Biomedical Panel

REB 4: HREB - Biomedical Panel reviews invasive health research involving patients, health information, AHS (Edmonton Region and North Region) or Covenant Health (province-wide) facilities and researchers.

This board deals with applications that involve invasive interventions and invasive measures, regardless of how significant a part the intervention or measure has in the overall project, for example: administration of drugs, vaccines, natural health products, use of an unlicensed device, surgical procedures, collection of blood or other specimens and work involving human stem cells. REB 4: HREB Biomedical reviews imaging studies, as well as studies involving the use of tissues, whether collected prospectively or previously collected for another purpose and now being used for research.

This board also holds a US Federal Wide Assurance ( FWA00000077) and as such will be the board which must review research funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for instance NIH.

Please contact the Committee Coordinator if you wish to volunteer to serve on a review committee.

All meetings are held virtually (due to COVID-19).

PLEASE NOTE: "Submission Deadline" dates below reflect the date that the application must be received by the REB. Please allow time for your study to move through any required Internal and Departmental approvals, which could take several business days. As such, applications should be submitted in advance of the Submission Deadline date to ensure they are received by the REB by the Submission Deadline.


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For questions related to a specific ethics application, please send an email to the REB Coordinator assigned to your study within the system.

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