REB Review Fees

The University of Alberta charges a $5000 CAD fee for the REB review of industry-sponsored or for-profit research (effective January 1, 2021).

Fee Criteria: Research Sponsored by Industry or For-Profit Organizations

The REB administration fee applies to research that receives its funding from an industry sponsor (i.e. pharmaceutical/biotech/medical devices company) or other for-profit organization. The administration fee is for the review of the application by the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) administered by the University of Alberta, and is payable after the REB review of the Protocol. The fee covers the initial ethics review of a Protocol and all subsequent REB activities such as amendments, annual renewals, and ongoing monitoring. As such, it is payable regardless of the approval status of the Protocol.

Where the application is for a study falling under the provincial reciprocity agreement and/or which has already been reviewed and approved by an Alberta REB (including HREB) the fee is $2,000.00. Effective January 1, 2022, the fee remains at $2,000.00 for each participating site submitted via the REB Exchange however, the fee will be $5,000.00 for each site submitted separately (without REB Exchange). This covers all post-approval monitoring and review activities.

Fee Waiver Criteria

The following types of studies are excluded from the fee requirement:

  • Studies funded by industry where the study is authored, initiated and conducted by a researcher from the University of Alberta where the intellectual property rests with the researcher, the researcher owns and can alter the research protocol without influence from the funder
  • Grant funded studies from a public, charitable or not-for-profit organization, for example, CIHR, NIH or a disease-specific foundation
  • Studies connected to Tri-Agency partnership grants involving matching funds from an industry partner
  • Studies funded by University of Alberta internal grants
  • Unfunded studies

Billing of REB Administration fees

REB administration fees will be billed directly to the Principal Investigator of the study. If an industry sponsor requests REB administration fee invoices be billed directly to them, it is the responsibility of the PI to create an invoice to submit to the Sponsor, using the University of Alberta generated invoice as back up documentation. Once fees are paid to the PI, they can then remit payment to the University from their study account. The University of Alberta will not issue invoices directly to industry sponsors/partners.

Please direct questions related to the REB administration fee to

2019 - University of Alberta REB administrative fee letter

2020 - University of Alberta REB administrative fee letter