Research Ethics Office

ACUC Review Process

For a general overview of the lifecycle of a research project, including a graphic representation of how the ethics review process, please visit the Research Ethics section of our website.

Animal Use Protocols using REMO

ACUC applications are known as animal use protocols (AUPs) and are completed and maintained online using the Animal Module in the Research and Ethics Management Online (REMO) system. Access to the Animal Module is restricted to University staff and students who have completed Part 1 Institutional Animal User Training.

To sign up for training, for additional information on ethics educational requirements, or for assistance with REMO system access, please see the Education, Training & User Support section of our website. You can also Contact Us directly at any time for further assistance.

We recommend that you submit an AUP approximately 60 days prior to when you plan to begin your animal use activity. This will normally allow sufficient time for all required reviews and approvals (e.g. facility; biohazard, chemical and radiation safety; and ACUC review processes). Submission deadlines for ACUC meetings can be found on the description pages for each of the Animal Care and Use Committees.

Environment, Health & Safety Compliance

AUPs are reviewed by the Department of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) for biohazard, radioisotope, chemical and other safety concerns as part of the protocol review process. The EHS approval process confirms that the research group conducting the AUP and the site where the work will be conducted have the proper certifications to work safely with the hazards involved in the protocol.

Principal Investigators are expected to acquire and maintain safety certifications for their laboratories and research facilities (infrastructure) which are distinct and separate from the approvals for individual AUPs. For details on obtaining these infrastructure certifications, contact EHS.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

To facilitate the work of both protocol authors and ACUC members, CCAC encourages the use of formal, written, standard operating procedures (SOPs) for commonly used animal procedures wherever possible. In addition to promoting consistent and verifiable processes, SOPs offer investigators an alternative to writing detailed procedures in their protocol.

Institutional SOPs (iSOPs) acceptable to all University ACUCs and animal services units, are available to users of the Animal Module from within the REMO system. The animal services units also maintain SOPs for procedures carried out by their staff. These facility SOPs must be requested from the appropriate unit and attached to the online animal use application. Finally, individual PIs may develop their own SOPs for use by their research teams.

See, also: Wildlife & Field Research.

Animal Research Involving Two or More Institutions

Investigators wishing to conduct research involving animal use across two or more institutions should contact their ACUC coordinator for advice on how to proceed.