Peer Review

Faculty applying for social sciences and humanities grants have the opportunity to have their proposal reviewed by members of the Academy of SSHRC Reviewers. In most cases, applicants receive two reviews, one from a faculty member who has served as a SSHRC committee adjudicator, and one from a content expert.

The purpose of the review is to provide an applicant with written and verbal feedback in order to improve the quality of your application.

The process is to register for the peer review, then submit a digital pdf of the SSHRC portal-produced draft (including the pages to be uploaded into the final application) to your peer reviewers, when advised by the GAP Director. The reviewers generally have two weeks to read and provide feedback. We also assist you to arrange a meeting with the peer reviewers so that they can discuss ways to improve the application. All of this is completed in time for you to make revisions and meet the internal RSO deadline.

Faculty interested in the internal Peer Review must submit an Intent to Participate in Peer Review.