Residence Community Standards

The residence community values dignity, respect, safety, equity, learning and community. The Residence Community Standards Policy outlines residents’ rights and responsibilities as well as Residence Services’ responsibilities. The policy also outlines the process for using Restorative Justice and restorative practices in responding to cases of negative, disruptive or inappropriate behaviour in residence.

What is a Community Resolution?

A Community Resolution is a conversation between a residence staff member and a student about how their behaviour might be harmful to the community. Residence staff work with students to understand the effect of their actions on those around them. Community Resolutions are a restorative practice in residence based on the model of Restorative Justice. Community Resolutions are typically used when there is no clearly identifiable harmed party.

The goals of a Community Resolution include:

  • That the student is able to identify the problematic behaviour and how affects their community
  • That the student commit to changing their behaviour in residence

Residence staff follow up community resolutions with an email to the students involved, summarizing the conversation and thanking them for their cooperation. If the resident understands the impact of their behaviours and is cooperative in changing them, the matter is likely considered closed. However, if the student is not cooperative or continues the harmful behaviour, the matter is documented as an Incident Report.

What is an Incident Report?

Incident reports document severe incidents that occur in residence including emergencies like first aid or urgent maintenance issues. They are also used to report when residents involved in an incident are uncooperative or unable to participate in a Community Resolution.

Incident reports require further follow up from Residence Life staff, who will meet with the affected resident(s) at a later date. Behaviour documented in incident reports can be resolved through Restorative Justice, as a breach of the Residence Agreement or through the Code of Student Behaviour. The criteria to decide which process to use is outlined in the Residence Community Standards Policy.

Assessment and continual improvement

If you’ve participated in the Residence Community Standards process, you will have received an anonymous survey to provide any feedback. Residence Services always strives for a fair and just process and this survey allows us to access policies and processes as well as identify areas for improvement.

The survey link is sent via email to all students involved as responsible parties in a Community Resolution or an Incident Report. If you have been part of a process and have not received a survey link, email or the professional staff member who you met with.

Please note this survey is not a request for reconsideration of your case.