2019-2020 Club Champions

Congratulations to all of our Club Championship teams from the 2019-2020 curling season! Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 closures and cancellations, the Tournament of Champions and Curling Club Championships were not able to be played.

31 December 2020

To view the draw for the 2019/2020 Saville Club Championships, please click on the corresponding championship below:

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Ladies: Team Karen Pallett

Congratulations to Team K. Pallett for winning the 2020 Saville Community Centre Ladies Club Championships. Karen Pallett and her team of MaryLynne Gould, Myrna Jones, Donna MacNeil and Anita Jocksch from the Wednesday Senior's League. Team K.Pallett has represented the Saville Centre multiple times and we are always proud to have such wonderful ladies be a part of our club! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 closures and cancellations, Team Pallett was unable to participate in the Curling Club Championships and Tournament of Champions this season.

Men: Team Bucholz

Congratulations to Team Bucholz for winning the 2020 Saville Community Sports Centre Men’s Club Championships. Skip Rob Bucholz, Third Jim Wallbank, Second Jim Bucholz, Lead Martin Cloutier, and Alternate Rick Rippel went undefeated throughout the Club Championship playdowns before defeating Team Homeniuk in the final. Team Redel went on to the Curling Club Championship Playdowns in Leduc from March 22nd - 24th where they represented the Saville Centre extremely well. Congratulations!

Mixed: Team McNish

Congratulations to Team McNish for winning the 2019 Saville Community Sports Centre Mixed Club Championships. Doug McNish and his team of Krysta Hilker, Mike Lambert, and Corrine McNish of the Thursday Night Mixed League qualified through the B side and defeated Team Richard in the final. Congratulations Team McNish! As well, a HUGE congratulations to Team McNish as they won the tournament of Champions from April 6th to 11th and are CITY CHAMPIONS! An incredible accomplishment and we are very proud of this great team!

Seniors: Team Sutton

Congratulations to Team Sutton for winning the 2019 Saville Community Sports Centre Seniors Club Championship. Don Sutton and his team of Gerry Wilson, Peter Adamski, Mike Allen, and Ken Arndt qualified through the B side before defeating Team Towle in the final. Congratulations to Team Sutton on being Saville's 2019 Seniors Club Champions!