Community Engagement Through Science

K-12 School Programming

At the Faculty of Science we have various departments and organizations that work to support the K-12 Alberta curriculum through engaging activities and programs. Whether you visit our campus or have the Faculty of Science visit your classroom, we try to showcase the latest research and inspire the next generation of science students.


Department of Chemistry

Young Scientist Conference

This conference held at the University of Alberta, allows Junior high school students from the Sturgeon, Elk Island Catholic, and Elk Island Public school boards to participate in activities designed to expose them to numerous science disciplines and career possibilities.

Department of Computing Science

CS4HS - CS High School Teacher's Symposium

CS4HS is a work fair held for computing science teachers in Alberta. Each work fair is a collaborative session where small groups of teachers can work together to identify, assemble and/or create materials that they can use in their classes in the coming year. They will be led by a veteran teacher(s) who will work with the participants to help them achieve their goals. The fairs will be similar to traditional workshops but with more opportunity for collaboration and teacher-to-teacher networking.

The Iverson Computing Science Exam

Named after computing pioneer Ken Iverson, the Iverson exam is a friendly competition to test your Computing Science skills. Starting with problems you might expect to see in high school, the exam goes beyond and exposes you to problems that are a challenge to advanced undergraduates. The Iverson exam is hosted at the University of Alberta for High School computing science classes.

Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences

JAMES Math Circle

The Junior Alberta Mathematics for Eager Students (JAMES) mathematics circle is a group of high-performing junior high school students that meets weekly. Participants explore problems from various mathematics competitions from around the world and learn new problem solving techniques. All junior high school students (Grades 7-9, and keen Grade 6) interested in learning more mathematics and trying new problems are welcome to participate.

Math Fair & Unfair

The Math Fair & Unfair is a popular biannual event for elementary and junior high school students held on the campus of the University of Alberta. The Math Fair component of the event is hosted by Elementary Education students (teachers-in-training) taking our MATH 160 course. The MATH 160 students create and prepare dozens of puzzles and games, and engage with the children during their visit to stimulate problem solving and logical reasoning. The Math Unfair component of the event is hosted by graduate students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The graduate students invite the children to try a variety of two-player games and encourage them to develop strategies for playing well.

Department of Physics

High School Physics Experiments

High School Physics Experiments is an outreach program for Physics 30 students. Teachers are invited to bring their classes to our labs, where students will perform three experiments.

Other Initiatives

Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CMASTE)

CMASTE is an education research and development centre serving K-12 students and teachers. Education research is employed to create and test curriculum, instruction and assessment concepts.


U School is a program initiated by the University of Alberta Senate that aims to introduce and connect grade 4 through 9 students to the University of Alberta. Their target students would not necessarily have strong connections to the the U of A as they may come from socially vulnerable metro areas, Aboriginal (First Nations, Metis and Inuit) or rural communities are given an opportunity through the program.

WISEST Choices Conference

The Choices Conference began in 1991 and now brings up to 600 grade six girls together to discover the wonders of science, engineering, and technology for themselves. Teams of up to four girls from each school plus their teacher or principal spend the day at the University of Alberta.

WISEST SET Conference

The SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) Conference is a fun day that will show grades 10-12 high school girls that there is more to science than medicine, and more to engineering than bridge building. This full-day conference (with lunch included) gives students the opportunity to experience a real lab environment through hands-on lab activities.


Department of Chemistry

Canadian Chemistry Contest

Is chemistry one of your strengths? Then test your skills and measure yourself against fellow students who share the same passion. The Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC) is carried out in conjunction with the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO).The Canadian Chemistry Contest is for high school and Cégep students.

Department of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences

Alberta High School Mathematics Competition

The Alberta High School Mathematics Competition (AHSMC) is an annual mathematics competition for high school students in Alberta (students in junior high schools or in the Northwest Territories may apply to participate). The AHSMC consists of two rounds. The first round is open to all eligible students and takes place in November. Top performers in the first round are invited to participate in the second round, which takes place in February.

GAME in the Schools

The GAME in the Schools program seeks to promote mathematics and show elementary school students that math is fun. Graduate students from the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences volunteer to visit local school and conduct short (one hour) math workshops. Activities are interactive and hands on and promote discussion amongst students.

SNAP Math Fair

Are you a school teacher interested in inspiring and motivating your students in mathematics and having them become better problem solvers? SNAP Math Fairs do just that! SNAP stands for Student-centered, Non-competitive, All-inclusive, and Problem-based. SNAP Math Fairs allow school teachers to provide a meaningful problem-solving experience for all students, and they can be adapted to almost any curriculum and set of standards. The SNAP Math Fair philosophy was developed at the University of Alberta in the 1990's, and still is going strong.

Department of Physics

High School Physics Talks

Physics professors travel to high school classrooms to talk about current physics research at the University of Alberta and to provide an initial contact for students who are interested in furthering their studies in physics.

Sky Scan Science Outreach Program

Science 6 and Science 9 students can participate in real science projects involving the electromagnetic spectrum. Teachers can invite Sky Scan to their schools, or bring students to the University of Alberta.

Other Initiatives

WISEST Tales from the Science Buffalo

This series of interactive classroom presentations presents engaging science activities that honour indigenous ways of knowing, and introduce careers in the sciences.

WISEST Meet a Mentor Program

The Meet a Mentor program is a unique initiative designed to use the power of technology to bring science, engineering, and technology to rural students.

Science Student Groups

Let’s Talk Science

This student group provides hands-on science programming for K-12. LTS will provide a student volunteer for school visits during the academic school year. Request a free visit to your classroom, or contact LTS today!

Science FUNdementals

Science FUNdamentals is a registered student group at the University of Alberta that aims to enhance elementary science education using interactive demonstrations. They have a wide range of activities focusing on subjects from buoyancy and surface tension to genetics and human physiology. If you would like to request outreach for a classroom, please contact Science FUNdamentals.