Public Programs and Events

Throughout the year there is a wide range of activities open to the public in the form of events, summer camps, public programs, and more. Learn more about what is happening on campus, so you can plan your next visit.

Public Programs and Events

Department of Physics Aurora Watch

Free email service warns you when there is a good probability that Aurora (Northern Lights) will be visible.

Department of Physics Astronomical Observatory

The University of Alberta's observatory is opened to the public on Thursday evenings. No previous experience is necessary and admission is free.

First Nations Wildfire Evacuation Partnership

The aim of this partnership is to learn about how First Nations residents and communities were affected by recent wildfire evacuations, and to identify ways to reduce the negative impacts of wildfire evacuations on First Nations people and communities.

Science FUNday

Science FUNday is a FREE annual science exhibition featuring more than 75 interactive demonstrations, presentations, and tours. They range from chemistry, physics, physiology, botany, computing science, math, and much more. Lots of hands-on, interactive activities-extract DNA from strawberries, create a lava lamp, hold giant dry ice bubbles, examine cells through a microscope, and launch a model rocket!

Summer Camps

Faculty of Science Summer Camps

Do you have a future scientist at home for the summer? At our Faculty of Science summer camps we will engage your participant in hands on science activities and visits to world class collections and museums.

Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute

The Alberta Summer Mathematics Institute (ASMI) offers a fun, educational summer mathematics program to high school students (Grades 10 through 12). Its mission is to inspire exploration and research in mathematical studies. The ASMI is a day-style summer camp that runs over a four-week period, and takes place on the campus of the University of Alberta.

CMS Regional Math Camps

Each summer, Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Regional Math Camps provide junior high school students with an interest in mathematics with a unique and unforgettable enrichment experience. Students who attend the camps leave with new friends, new ideas, and a new outlook on mathematics. Advanced math concepts are presented in a manner that is challenging yet still accessible. CMS Regional Math Camps allows students to experience math as never before through games, projects, experiments, and other fun activities. The camps also highlight the role of mathematics in everyday life.

Hands on Physics

Hands-on Physics is an opportunity for talented students entering grades 9 to 12 to explore physics using devices they custom design and build. As well as problem-solving and guest lectures, this four-day workshop be centred on python programming and hardware development for a Raspberry Pi device. This credit-card-sized computer, which is the participants' to keep, will be used for acquiring and analyzing data in physics experiments. The Hands-on Physics workshop is limited to 12 participants, who will be selected through an application process.