A Science degree is an excellent starting point for a Business degree. The most common route for Science students interested in later applying to the BCom program is to start in the BSc General degree.

The university's Bachelor of Commerce program is not direct entry; meaning that you must complete one year of pre-professional university courses before you may apply for admission.

If you have a love for Science but also want a Business background, consider the following options:

BSc General- Business Minor

Pursuing a General Science degree with a Business Minor is an excellent way for you to specialize in a scientific field and gain a management background at the same time.

The additional courses in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and other Business subjects complement our science degrees and add a strong background in business education.

Mathematics and Economics

This degree offers a diverse education in mathematics, finance, economics and actuarial sciences, and is an excellent background for a career in the financial industry.

Mathematics and Finance

Similar to the Mathematics and Economics degree, this degree will help you develop a background in mathematics, finance, economics and actuarial sciences.

You will also develop a management science background making it a great choice if you are interested in becoming Financial Analysts.