If you have a love for Science but also want a Business background, consider the following options:

science innovation centre (sic)

Regardless of what degree program you are in at the U of A, SIC is a space designed for extracurricular competitions, maker projects, and student-led ventures at every stage, from design planning to entrepreneurship.

BSc major- Business Minor

Pursuing a General Science degree with a Business Minor is an excellent way for you to specialize in a scientific field and gain a management background at the same time.

The additional courses in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and other Business subjects complement our science degrees and add a strong background in business education.

Mathematics and Economics

This degree offers a diverse education in mathematics, finance, economics and actuarial sciences, and is an excellent background for a career in the financial industry.

Mathematics and Finance

Similar to the Mathematics and Economics degree, this degree will help you develop a background in mathematics, finance, economics and actuarial sciences.

You will also develop a management science background making it a great choice if you are interested in becoming Financial Analysts.