Before you begin your research on the steps needed to get into Medicine, there is one myth that we would like to quell; that is the pursuit of a "Pre-Med" program.

The fact is that there is no specific degree titled "pre-med"; particularly one that will give you an advantage over all other students. In fact, most of our science degrees can be considered pre-med as they provide room for you to take the Medicine pre-requisites.

To be considered for admission to a medical program you must successfully complete all pre-professional requirements, and be competitive.

How do you get into medicine?

Start by doing your research

  1. Select schools that you are really interested in and review the admission requirements.
  2. Remember, each University has its own set of requirements that you will need to meet.
  3. Choose a degree program that both interests you and allows you to complete your Medicine requirements. By doing this you will have a back-up plan in the event you change your mind about Medicine, or are unable to gain entry to the program.

A Science degree is an excellent choice if you plan to pursue a professional degree like Medicine, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene or Medical Laboratory Sciences.