Forensic Science

Forensic science is the practical application of Science to Law

It includes numerous fields of expertise including: chemistry, computer crime, DNA and serology, documents and handwriting, fingerprints, firearms, hairs and fibers, image processing, and more.

How do you train for a career in Forensics?

Start with the RCMP.

Forensic Science and Identification Services

The RCMP website is the best place to get started. In fact, to gain employment within this industry one must usually have experience with the RCMP or local police forces.

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree from the Faculty of Science, at the University of Alberta, can lead you in the right path, and areas like Chemistry, Molecular Genetics, Biology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry all provide a good background for forensics.

The following information was sourced from the RCMP website. Please direct all inquiries to the RCMP

  • The Evidence Recovery Unit (recovering biological trace evidence from exhibits which is then submitted for analysis, interpretation and reporting of conclusions.)
  • Analytical Service- processes biological trace evidence from crime scenes to generate DNA typing profiles
  • DNA reporting-

Toxicology Services:

  • Assist in establishing a true cause of death
  • Provide a basis for intoxicated behavior
  • Provide a clue of clinical history when the subject is unable or unwilling to do so
  • Assist in establishing the truth of statement
  • Support breath test programs for all NPS partners

Trace Evidence and Explosives:

Recovering and examining physical evidence and analyzing explosives.

Firearms and Toolmark identification:

Firearms and Toolmark Identification sections are located in the Halifax, Regina and Vancouver laboratories of Forensic Science and Identification Services (FS&IS).

National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau:

  • Investigating counterfeits and documents

National DNA Data Bank:

The National DNA Data Bank is responsible for two principal indices:

  • The Convicted Offender Index (COI)
  • The Crime Scene Index (CSI)