Medeo Appointment Information

Medeo allows healthcare providers and patients to connect online.

How does Medeo work?

This health care portal provides healthcare professionals with the ability to send secure messages to patients and allows patients to book appointments with healthcare providers.

How can I receive secure messages through Medeo?

Medeo saves messages within their portal to ensure that patient data is secure.  The secure messages you may receive via Medeo from a healthcare provider may include information related to your recent lab work, diagnostic imaging, or referrals to a specialist. 

How to access secure messaging

  1. Talk to your doctor or health care provider about receiving secure messages the next time you visit UHC.
  2. Ensure that you have an email address saved on file at UHC.
  3. Create a Medeo account using that same email address with a password of your choosing.
  4. Accept the privacy and security terms and conditions to access the Medeo Portal.
  5. Check your Medeo inbox (you will receive an email notification alerting you that your healthcare provider sent you a message).

How can I access Medeo to book an appointment with my physician?

Existing patients can use Medeo to request appointments with a family physician or specialists at the UHC. New patients to UHC can walk in to see any available physician.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties with my Medeo account?

Contact Medeo at


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