About Mpox

The risk of mpox (monkeypox) in Alberta is currently low. The university works closely with Alberta’s public health experts and authorities in monitoring community health risks. Students, faculty and staff should stay informed by following verified public health information and advice. Please visit this page for the latest updates regarding the U of A’s response to mpox.

Mpox - what is it?

According to Alberta Health Services (AHS), mpox is a virus that can be easily passed from person to person through direct or close contact and/or direct contact with contaminated materials, animals, or animal products. Most cases of mpox will result in mild illness that typically lasts for a few weeks, with the majority of those infected recovering on their own. 

Recognize the symptoms

Stage 1 symptoms

Early symptoms of mpox can typically occur within 5 to 21 days from the first point of infection and can include:

  • fever
  • chills
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • backache 
  • lack of energy

Stage 2 symptoms

Later within the infection, individuals may experience:

  • A rash or lesions on their skin

The rash can last for 14 to 28 days and can produce scabs that will fall off when the infection clears. Rashes more typically appear on:

  • the face (including mouth and eyes)
  • hands
  • feet
  • genitals


If you think that you have been exposed to or are experiencing mpox symptoms:

  • stay home and,
  • call HealthLink at 811; they’ll be able to describe your next steps, which may include testing, self-isolation, covering any scabs/lesions, wearing a mask, and avoiding physical contact with people and pets. 

Because the symptoms of mpox are normally mild, most individuals recover without treatment.

Prevention & Vaccinations

We can all help prevent the spread of mpox by:

  • cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly;
  • washing and/or sanitizing your hands regularly;
  • avoiding contact with individuals who have mpox;
  • not sharing personal items with others;
  • wearing a mask if experiencing or around others experiencing symptoms.

Mpox vaccines are available through Alberta Health Services; to help make the most of the limited supply, access to vaccines are currently limited. Visit the province of Alberta’s website to learn more about access to mpox vaccines.

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