Institutional Charter

St. Stephen's College is a multifaith graduate college founded by the United Church of Canada and affiliated with the University of Alberta. A legislative Act to Incorporate St. Stephen's College (April 27, 1927; amended 1968) authorizes St. Stephen's to confer degrees in divinity. The College also teaches undergraduate and graduate University of Alberta credit courses, and participates in some University of Alberta degree programs (primarily through the Faculty of Arts). St. Stephen's College is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools. Our Art Therapy programs meet the Educational Standards of the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA).

As an independent, degree granting institution, degrees conferred by St. Stephen's College are not University of Alberta degrees. In as much as the University does not grant degrees in divinity, St. Stephen's complements and expands the University's mandate. As a divinity school, the Government of Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education categorizes St. Stephen's College as a private post-secondary institution. The Government of Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education (Campus Alberta Quality Council) does not review or approve degrees in divinity.

Students intending to use St. Stephen's College degrees towards further higher education or for registration with professional counselling or other associations, in or outside of Canada, should be aware of the requirements of the institution, association, or country they wish to apply that education toward. A number of theological colleges throughout Canada accept transfer credits from St. Stephen's College; however, public universities usually do not accept transfer credits from divinity schools. Students planning to transfer to other institutions should be aware of the specific program requirements at that institution.