SSC Chancellors

Co-Chancellors, Colm and Lynda O

At the November 2018 Convocation, the Senate of St. Stephen's College conferred upon Colm and Lynda O'Carroll the honour and responsibility of the St. Stephen's Chancellery. The loyalty, leadership, and commitment that the Chancellors O'Carroll bring St. Stephen's is substantial. Colm and Lynda are internationally known business people. They are the founders of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd., an Edmonton-based company that now has offices all across Canada, and which has been recognized by the Emerald Environmental Award and the Alberta Science and Technology Award for Excellence in Industrial Research. Colm is regarded as a bright and articulate businessman, while Lynda is known for her selfless and tireless support of many Edmonton societies and causes. Together they have been strong supporters of education, leaders in many philanthropic causes, and strong and committed community members. Through the process of selecting them as Co-Chancellors, one of their recommenders noted that, "when [they] believe in something, [they] share their beliefs with the broader community. … build[ing] connections to [the] community … is something [they] do naturally."

When asked, Why St. Stephen's College?, our Co-Chancellors answered:

"St. Stephen's College is much more than an educational institution. It is a place that takes a keen and active interest in the development and wellbeing of its students, nurturing its graduates to go out and make a difference in the broader community, whether at the local level or further afield. St. Stephen's truly educates the whole person.

In a world that is increasingly complex, where "other" is to be feared and controlled, St. Stephen's is a voice of reason, kindness, and humanity. At St. Stephen's, students learn to walk with the unknown, to learn, and to respect.

We are very honoured to be involved in the College at this exciting time in its development. As Co-Chancellors we want to make St. Stephen's College more widely known. We will strive to make connections between the College and other educational institutions both within Canada and abroad."

In addition to their many forms of leadership at the College, the Chancellors O'Carroll are delighted to be re-booting the annual St. Stephen's Chancellor's Gala, which will be held on Friday, September 20, 2019 in the Empire Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

Chancellors Emeriti

2016-2017 David Hancock
2014-2016 Douglas Stollery
2010-2014 Allan Scott
2007-2010 Gordon Oaks
2003-2007 Don Milne
1999-2003 Hugh and Lynda Robertson
1995-1999 Ron and LaVon Holgate
1990-1991 Ellinor Townend