Benefits of Therapy

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In treatment, clients learn specific skills that help to manage stuttering and speech-related anxiety. Achieving stable speech control and the corresponding shift in self-perception can be a long-term process and may require follow-up treatment.

The following are some examples of changes that our clients have reported experiencing as a result of therapy:

  • better able to participate in school, and feel more comfortable pursuing post-secondary education.
  • can consider vocational choices based on interests and capabilities rather than limitations.
  • have become more efficient and effective at work when they no longer have to worry constantly about the fear of speech failure. With their speech under control, they can attend to the demands of their jobs.
  • feel more free to accept promotions at work that require more speaking and to expand their interests.
  • most clients report a greatly enhanced quality of life; when they gain control over their speech disorder most stutter experience a great boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem; this leads to more success in personal, social and vocational areas of their lives.