Surgery 101

Surgery 101 is an educational research project developed in partnership with the University of Alberta aimed at creating supplemental learning material for medical students.

'Surgery 101' is a series of podcasts designed to help medical students learn about the basics of surgery. Each episode covers a single topic in 10-15 minutes so that learners can quickly grasp the basic concepts relating to a common surgical problem. Funding for this project is provided in part from the Tom Williams Endowed Chair in Surgical Education.

Surgery 101 was created in 2008 by Dr. Parveen Boora and Dr. Jonathan White. We would like to thank all of the surgeons, residents and students from around the world who have taken time to make Surgery 101 episodes on topics in their area of interest.

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Surgery ABCs

Surgery ABCs is a project which aimed to create a series of podcasts about interesting human body topics directed at a children's audience. The goal is to provide a fun and educational modality for kids to explore the human body while also introducing them at an early age to healthcare careers. Kids are especially curious about how their bodies work and a podcast is an excellent opportunity to foster that interest in a fun and creative way.

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