International Week Keynote

We will be bringing in another world-changing speaker for International Week 2021. Stay tuned! For reference, here is the speaker we hosted in 2020.

Exponential Equity: How we accelerate towards a just, sustainable future for all

In the global transition to clean energy, how will we get there in time to avoid the most catastrophic scenarios? And if we get there, will the new economy be an equitable economy? 

Vien Truong will address these questions with stories from the field on what has–and has not–worked, and practical steps for achieving sustainable and equitable growth. She will share high-leverage, game-changing projects that can really move the needle and help bring these practices to scale in strategic collaborations with multi-stakeholder partners.

About Vien Truong

Vien Truong is one of the world’s foremost policy experts and strategists on building an equitable green economy. Her firm, Truong and Associates, advises worldwide on how to build an inclusive workforce, support sustainable economies, and formulate equitable climate policies. She has developed numerous energy, environmental, transportation, and economic policies and programs worth billions of dollars–including helping to create the biggest fund in history for low income communities. 

She received a White House Champion of Change award for her work on climate equity. She was nominated for the UCLA Emerging Environmental “Genius Prize.” She most recently served as CEO of the Dream Corps, and led Green For All, a national initiative that puts communities of color at the forefront of the climate movement and equality at the center of environmental solutions.

Note: The noon-hour talk at City Hall is free and does not require an RSVP.

International Week: February 3–7, 2020

A warming globe, increasing numbers of refugees and displaced persons, gender disparity, economic inequalities, fresh water shortages, famine, war… We are bombarded with these issues and many others facing the planet and its inhabitants each and every day. It is exhausting trying to get a clear understanding of the issues and how we can be part of the solution.

International Week 2020 (I-Week) will shine a light on many of the issues faced around the world and will offer hope and opportunity for action. I-Week speakers will connect their work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by all member states in 2015. These 17 Goals call on governments and civil society around the globe to address some of our most pressing issues from poverty and education to health and environment.

Join in for keynote lectures, presentations and short dynamic Global Goals Talks to learn about the SDGs and the people working to help Canada achieve the 2030 Agenda.

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Sponsored by the City of Edmonton, MacEwan University and the University of Alberta.