Space and facilities

The space and facilities initiative will review all operational costs associated with all university spaces, facilities, and estates, as well as determine how to better optimize space usage.

The university sourced KPMG through a competitive bid process to review space and facilities practices across the university. Their report will provide:​

  • An assessment of in-scope space and facilities, highlighting those that are most viable, high quality, and aligned with the university’s vision, mission, and goals;
  • Opportunities to accelerate the decommissioning/repurposing of buildings and spaces;
  • An assessment of facilities that require immediate investments, highlighting those for decanting and/or demolition, and identifying those that are not optimized and/or under-utilized;
  • Best practice approaches to the exiting of existing leases and other long term obligations;
  • Initiatives to proactively reduce the impact of deferred maintenance to improve cost and quality outcomes;
  • Strategies to improve utilization and minimize the cost associated with the operation of existing space and facilities;
  • Creative approaches to partnerships or other opportunities for cost savings and/or revenue generation; and
  • An assessment of the impact of this work as well as confirmation and adjustments of the university’s Integrated Asset Management Strategy.