Out of Town Student Supports


We encourage students from communities outside of the Greater Edmonton area to seek their own accommodations to avoid housing fees. However, Student Researchers who cannot find their own housing will be placed in a residence on the University of Alberta campus during the Program. There will be 2 resident supervisors assigned to the students in housing.

Each student in the Residence must agree to abide by the WISEST Residence Policies and Procedures (these will be sent out towards the end of May upon acceptance into the program).

Housing Fees
Housing fees on campus have been rising and can be potentially very expensive for students. The subsidized residence cost for 2024 is $1783. 

There is special funding for housing available for eligible students through the Margaret-Ann Armour Endowment Fund for Rural WISEST Students. WISEST will contact you with more information about the funding if you indicate that you require financial assistance when completing your application.

Financial Aid

Funding for Current Summer Research Program Students

Named after the founding Vice Chair, Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, this fund helps promote diversity in the Summer Research Program by facilitating the participation of students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

This Endowment Fund was established to ensure that rural students who have a keen interest in science but may be in need of financial assistance are able to participate in the Summer Research Program.

This award is made on the following criteria:

  • The student lives further than the commuting distance to Edmonton
  • The student requires financial assistance for housing or travel costs associated with participating in the program
  • The student has had little opportunity to become familiar with university or college settings
  • The student is seriously considering attending the U of A

If there are no suitable candidates in any given year the money will be reinvested in order to support a greater number of students in the future.