Apply to the Summer Research Program

Who Can Apply

The Summer Research Program is for students who have completed Grade 11 and are heading into Grade 12 the next school year.

  • We accept applicants from young women and gender diverse students interested in science, engineering and technology fields 
  • As of 2022, WISEST will no longer be placing students in nursing and nutrition, we encourage young men to explore opportunities with programs such as HYRS.
  • Students from anywhere in Alberta can apply.
  • Out-of-province students are welcome to apply provided they meet the equivalent eligibility requirements. Please email if you have questions.

How to Apply

  1. Provide your personal information and answer some questions about why you want to be a WISEST Student Researcher.
  2. Submit two teacher references, a personal essay (a video/audio file), and current transcripts.

We encourage you to listen to the WISEST STEM podcast Episode 3: Tips and Tricks for Applying to SRP prior to starting your application process.

Transcript Details

Please provide us with both of the following to meet your transcript requirements:

  • A transcript that shows all of your high school grades. This could be:
    • A detailed Academic Report from the Government of Alberta, or
    • An official School Transcript showing all of your high school grades
  • Your current interim marks for the classes you are currently in. This can be printed off of your online school portal. If your current interim marks are listed as 'in progress', please talk to your teacher or school administrator prior to contacting the WISEST office.
  • Interim grades can be submitted up to April 8, 2022, if your teachers have not updated your grades. Transcripts must still be submitted by March 25. Please indicate in your application if you are submitting your interim grades after the application deadline.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to the Summer Research Program, including submitting all supporting documents, is 11:59 pm, March 25, 2022. Applications submitted before the deadline are appreciated. Interim marks may be submitted up to April 8 if your teachers haven’t updated their marks, but please submit transcripts by March 25.



Selection Process

1. Available Seats
The number of successful applicants can vary each year depending on the number of seats that WISEST has available for the program. This depends largely on funding and the ability of researchers to take on students in their labs. Typically WISEST has been able to accommodate 40-60 students each summer. A virtual program may be slightly smaller due to the difference in project availability. A virtual program may have 20-40 spaces available.
2. School Representation
WISEST strives to have students from as many different high schools as possible so that our program has a diversity of students. Thus, the number of students accepted from any one high school might be limited depending on how many schools have students that apply.
3. Grade Requirements
Applicants must demonstrate an average of 85% or higher in their math and science courses. This is the minimum grade requirement to ensure that our students are successful in their lab placement. Grades are not considered beyond meeting this 85% average minimum.
4. Commitment
Applicants must be willing to fully commit to the entire 6 weeks of the program (no holidays or conflicting commitments).
5. Personal Response

A personal response must be submitted by email to WISEST. You can choose to submit a response in written essay form between 500-700 words, typed in 12-point Calibri font or through other media ie) video (.mp4) or podcast (.mp3) no longer than 3.5 minutes in length. Ensure you submit an appropriate media file, if we can’t open the file we cannot review it. These media will only be used for screening applications.

What does the response need to address? We want you to show us your personality and make sure you address 3 or 4 of these themes in your response.

  1. Why have you applied to participate?
  2. What will be the impact of participating in this Program on you? 
  3. How will participation in the Summer Research Program strengthen your commitment to exploring fields of study and career options where your gender is underrepresented?
  4. How do you imagine your grade 12 self will be different after participating in the program?
  5. Why do you think research is important?
  6. What personal attributes do you have that will make you successful in this program? 
  7. What do you hope to learn by being in the program?
  8. What does success in the program look like to you?
6. Teacher References
Each student must submit two letters of reference from their science or math teachers. WISEST provides an online reference form for teachers to fill out.
7. Open Mind
This is an extremely important evaluation criterion for the selection committee. It is important that students remember that this program is designed to help students explore diverse careers in science, engineering and technology and to consider fields in which their gender is typically underrepresented. Students who have a love of science and a desire to learn about new possibilities and future career paths are the most successful in this program.


Application Resources