Transfer Students

A transfer applicant is an international student who has finished high school and completed some coursework at the postsecondary level in Canada or abroad. You will be considered a transfer applicant even if you have completed one course at the college or university level.

Note: U.S. students in a dual curriculum program who receive a high school diploma and an associate's degree in the senior year are still considered to be a high school applicant.

How does admission work? Can I transfer in?

Transfer applicants are evaluated on both completed postsecondary coursework and high school results.

They must meet the same admission requirements, including English Language Proficiency, subject requirements and competitive admission requirements (see Admission Requirements).

Note: Some faculties, particularly the Faculty of Engineering and our specialized professional programs in the Health Sciences and Law, have very restricted opportunities for transfer or transfer credit.

We recommend applying to UAlberta programs directly from high school, instead of starting the program at another postsecondary institution-even if you're interested in a professional program that cannot be entered directly from high school. Your pre-professional year can be done at the University of Alberta.

How do I apply? What documents are needed?

Transfer applicants follow the same step-by-step application procedures. See the application guide on Admissions.

You will need to submit transcripts for both high school and postsecondary work, plus course descriptions for your postsecondary courses. Document submission deadlines are earlier for transfer applicants. See Documentation.

Will I get transfer credit?

Transfer credit is determined on a case-by-case basis after you are admitted.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, we cannot advise on transfer credit before your application is received-you must apply first. We will assess your previous postsecondary coursework for transfer credit once official documentation has been received.

International students starting at the University of Alberta beginning in Fall 2020 on a program-based tuition model will continue to receive transfer credit for courses that meet the advanced standing requirements. You will receive an updated tuition guarantee after the add/drop deadline of your first semester that reflects the transfer credit tuition adjustment you will receive at the end of your program.

The amount of transfer credit you receive generally depends on whether the courses you have taken are transferable (equivalent to UAlberta courses) and whether the courses you have taken fit in the program to which you are applying

A maximum of 60 transfer credits (two years at UAlberta) from your previous institution can be applied toward your UAlberta degree. If you are awarded transfer credit, you can access a transfer credit report in Bear Tracks.

Do I qualify for scholarships?

Yes you do. If you have completed less than three credits of college or university coursework (equal to one half-year course at UAlberta), you are eligible for our Entrance awards. If you have completed more than three credits at another postsecondary institution, you qualify for our Transfer awards.

See Scholarships for details.