Admission Requirements

Students wishing to apply to the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta must meet a series of pre-professional, non-academic and post-acceptance requirements.

Please note: This is a competitive program, and meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee entrance. All applicants must comply with the Code of Applicant Behaviour.

For High School Students:

Please note that you cannot enter our program directly from high school. You will be required to complete or be in the process of completing your pre-professional courses when you apply. If you are planning on attending the University of Alberta for your pre-professional courses you can access all required courses from either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science. You can also access equivalents to our pre-professional courses at any Campus Alberta post-secondary institution; however, you will be responsible to ensure that your courses are equivalents. It is recommended that any students considering our program complete the following courses: English Language Arts 30-1; Biology 30; Chemistry 30; Mathematics 30-1.

The selection process is competitive, and applicants will be ranked on the following: GPA of preprofessional courses, cumulative GPA, letter of intent, and applicant interview.

Technologists with general certification from the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) may pursue degree completion on a full or part time basis. See BSc in MLS (Post Certification)

Academic Requirements

Those wishing to enrol in the MLS integrated BSc program are required to complete a preprofessional year prior to applying for admission to the Faculty. The required courses, or their equivalents, are available at a number of universities and community colleges in Alberta. Students are encouraged where possible to take these courses (equivalent to 30 units of course weight at the University of Alberta) as one year of full-time study. 

The following 30 units of course weight of preprofessional course work are required.

  1. English 6 units
  2. General Chemistry 6 units
  3. Organic Chemistry 3 units
  4. Biology 3 units (cell biology)
  5. Biology 3 units (molecular genetics and inheritance)
  6. 3 units from Science or Math
  7. Statistics 3 units
  8. 3 units in options (any Faculty)

A minimum application GPA of 2.7 is required in preprofessional course work. With the exception of ENGL, all preprofessional courses are prerequisites for senior courses. Exploration credit courses will not fulfill the pre-professional course requirements and will not be accepted.

The preprofessional program may be completed through full- or part-time study at a number of post-secondary institutions that offer courses accepted as equivalent. For equivalencies visit the Alberta Council on Admission and Transfer.

The preprofessional course requirements for admission have changed. The current application lists the previous requirement of 3 units from Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, or Zoology. This requirement has changed to 3 units from Science or Math, please enter the Science or Math course you wish to use for the current requirement in that section of the application.

Please note: A minimum grade of C- (or equivalent) is required in any transfer course (i.e. courses not completed at the University of Alberta) used to meet a prerequisite requirement. Grades of D+, D, D- and F are considered deficient for transfer coursework. You can visit the University of Alberta's Transfer Students page for more information.

Non-Academic Requirements

Letter of Intent:
Applicants must upload a letter of intent to the University of Alberta's LaunchPad.
Prospective students are encouraged to tour a clinical laboratory, speak to staff in a clinical laboratory or investigate the career online to assist in their understanding of the program.

Applicants whose letter of intent is submitted by May 1 and whose application for admission is active will be invited to an interview. These applicants will be interviewed to determine if they have the qualities necessary for the profession. Communication, teamwork, reflection, conflict resolution, empathy, responsibility, initiative, problem-solving ability, prioritization, organization and other such qualities will be evaluated. Short-listed applicants will be advised of the mandatory interview date. 
See Interviews for the date.

English language requirements:
Applicants must meet English requirements as specified in the University of Alberta Calendar.

Technical Standards:
Students admitted to the program must adhere to the Division of Medical Laboratory Technical Standards Policy which defines the knowledge, skills, professional behaviors, and attitudes required.

Post-Acceptance Requirements
  1. Submit a non-refundable deposit.
  2. Complete and submit your Police Information Check. Applicants should be aware that a clear Police Information Check, which must include a Vulnerable Sector Check, is required at the time of admission. Students who fail to provide a clear Police Information Check may be required to withdraw from their program. See the University of Alberta Calendar for more information on the general requirements concerning Police Information Checks and the fees associated with them.
  3. Immunizations: Students are required to obtain specified immunizations. The form and further details will be provided on admission to the program
  4. Participate in a mandatory student orientation. Not participating in orientation may result in your admissions status being revoked.
  5. Participate in mandatory N-95 Respirator Fit Testing. Fit testing is done prior to term 2 and students are responsible for the costs.
  6. Complete the Massive Open Online Course Indigenous Canada and submit a verifiable certificate of completion to the program prior to the beginning of the first term.