BSc in Medical Laboratory Science Post-Professional Certification Degree Completion

To complement the integrated BSc in Medical Laboratory Science, the University of Alberta also offers a degree-completion program for technologists with general certification from the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). This "post-certification" program may be undertaken on a full- or part-time basis.

What the Program Offers

A BSc in MLS from the University of Alberta offers technologists many opportunities.

The post-certification program at the University of Alberta has much to offer. It confers the equivalent of a four-year BSc that is recognized internationally for producing excellent graduates. Credit is given for a wide variety of educational experiences. As well, specialization in all areas of laboratory medicine is possible.

Certainly, graduates of the MLS program at the University of Alberta will have an expanded knowledge base of laboratory medicine. But what additional general skills should a technologist expect to attain with a four-year BSc? In the University of Alberta curriculum, communication and research courses are compulsory. Depending on the topic for the latter, skills acquired could include current research techniques such as DNA analysis and PCR, flow cytometry, specialized chromatographic procedures and tissue culture.

A list of the additional opportunities that would come with a four-year degree are numerous and document the challenges that graduates from both the integrated BSc and degree-completion programs at the University of Alberta have undertaken. They include graduate programs in medicine (MD), clinical and basic medical science (MSc and PhD), business (MBA), public health (MHSA, MHA, or MPH), education (MEd), dentistry (DDS) and many more.

Many graduates become employed as research technologists, biotechnologists, environment technologists and food technologists. Graduates attain international marketability through their eligibility to write the ASCP MLS and NCA CLS certification examinations, an important aspect to students who are committed to careers as medical technologists. Graduates of the BSc MLS Program at the University of Alberta are currently working in several countries worldwide, including the United States.

Whether technologists plan to stay in the health-care field or to leave it, the BSc (MLS) at the University of Alberta offers excellent value for money. With two years of study, individuals will obtain a first-class degree that multiplies their opportunities and expands horizons.