Letter of Intent


Applicants must submit a letter with their application for admission before the designated deadline. Prospective students are encouraged to investigate the career to assist their understanding of the program. Many internet sites describe the roles and responsibilities of a medical laboratory technologist that will help answer the required questions. These include the U of A MLS program, Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), and College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta (CMLTA). 

Use the following instructions for completing the Letter of Intent. Failure to follow these directions may result in withdrawal of your application from consideration. 

Answer the following:

  1. What are the duties of a medical laboratory technologist in Alberta?
  2. List the five main areas (disciplines) of medical laboratory science. 
  3. Identify one personal characteristic you possess that you believe would make you suitable for the profession.

Include your full name and student ID number at the top right of the page.

Include an acknowledgement that the investigation and answers provided were written by you.

The letter must be no more than 900 characters, not including spaces, with 2.5cm margins and a font size of 12 point. Any style of font is acceptable. You do not need to address the letter to anyone or provide a signature.