Letter of Intent

Applicants must submit a letter with their application for admission stating their career goals, knowledge of the profession, related experience, and reasons for seeking admission to Medical Laboratory Science. Prospective students are encouraged to investigate the career to assist in their understanding of the program (e.g. tour a clinical laboratory, speak to staff in a clinical laboratory or investigate the career online).

Use the following instructions for completing the Letter of Intent. Failure to follow these directions may result in withdrawal of your application from consideration.

Address your signed letter to the MLS Admissions Committee. It must adhere to the following: maximum 3 pages, size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, one-inch margins. The letter must include an acknowledgement that it was written by you. Include your full name and student ID number at the top right of the first page.

Address the following in your letter:

  1. Explain what you believe the role of a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) is within the health care system. How did you come to this understanding?
  2. List the top three skills that you think are the most important for an MLT to possess. Pick one of these skills and describe how you personally demonstrate it.
  3. Which of the five disciplines would you anticipate to be the most challenging for you? Which would be the most rewarding? Explain your reasoning.
  4. Based on what you know about the profession of medical laboratory technology, identify and describe one aspect of the workplace that might be challenging for a medical laboratory technologist. As a future medical laboratory technologist, how would you manage this challenge?

Making a false statement may constitute Misrepresentation of Facts under the Code of Applicant Behaviour, Section

Applicants must upload the letter of intent via the LaunchPad applicant portal.