Ravine Complex

Augustana Ravine Complex Open House

Mar. 6, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Discover Ravine Complex at Augustana campus and win prizes!

More information

The Ravine Complex, located on the East side of the campus, is made up of six residence buildings. There is an additional central building with laundry and cooking facilities as well as spaces to socialize and study. Each ravine building contains a study lounge and a social lounge, as well as a small kitchen equipped with stove top, sink, and large fridge.

The Ravine Complex offers both traditional and gender inclusive spaces for students. Traditional spaces are designated as male or female and gender inclusive spaces are open to anyone regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or gender expression. Students will be placed in rooms with someone of the same gender identity as themselves unless they request another specific student.

Room layout (Click for larger version)

  • These rooms are approximately 12'/3.7m wide and 13'/4m deep.
  • Two rooms share a washroom with a shower and toilet.
  • Every room contains a sink and a vanity.
  • Most rooms in the Ravine Complex are double rooms, however there are a limited number of single rooms available.
  • Each double room includes two single beds (36" x 75"), two desks, two chairs, two lamps, one recycling bin, and one garbage can.
  • Blankets, pillows and linens are not typically supplied, but are available upon request.

What to bring