Theme Community House

This Residence is located on the East side of the Soccer Field: 4514 47 Street. This is a unique opportunity where any group of 5-7 students entering their second year of academic studies or higher can apply to live in a house with a proposed learning objective. Proposed learning objectives must have all members of the house involved and could include, but are not limited to: learning a second language together, living sustainably, creating a wellness initiative, volunteering with an organization together in Camrose, etc.

Students living in this community will have the support of a faculty or staff member they have approached to be their 'Advisor' for their learning project as well as the supervision and guidance of the Student Experience Coordinator-on-campus living, as there will be no Resident Assistant.


  • Create your own community with the support of an advisor.
  • Create our own house rules about visitors, food, alcohol, noise, and use of common spaces.
  • You pick who you live with.
  • $500 budget to support your learning outcomes.
  • Possibility of an 8 or 12 month contact (all house members must comply). See associated fees.
  • Very close to campus.
  • Option to buy into a cafeteria full meal plan or punch card for individual meals.
  • Internet access is provided.

 Theme Community Application

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