Our Residences

Hoyme Complex

A photo of the front of the First Year Complex

The Hoyme Complex, consisting of East Hall, West Hall, and Hoyme Hall, is one building with three wings sharing a central foyer. The building is designed to create a living community with opportunities for academic achievement and social interaction of 350 first-year students. Each floor has a lounge for quiet visiting and studying, while two large basement lounges provide separate study and recreational spaces.

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Ravine Complex

A photo of one of the Ravine residence buildings.

The Ravine Complex consists of six residences - Anderson, Bergh, Marken, Moi, Ronning, and Solheim Halls - clustered around a common lounge. This complex is designed for 224 students entering their second, third, and fourth years of university studies. Larger rooms with sink, semi-private washrooms, kitchenettes on each floor, and two lounges combine to enhance community development in each building.

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Theme Community House

A photo of the front of the Theme Community House

The Theme Community House consists of 5 bedrooms (3 single occupancy rooms + 2 single or double occupancy rooms). This house is set up for a group of 5-7 students entering their second year of academic study or higher who have applied and been selected to live here with a common learning objective.

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