Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

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The Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Arts have partnered to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. This degree will educate students in the scientific, cultural, economic, moral, political and social dimensions of environmental issues. As the subject matter transcends the boundaries of any single discipline or faculty, this degree is offered through a collaborative program that draws on the Faculties of Native Studies and Science.

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies provides you with interdisciplinary expertise to identify, frame, and contribute to the solution of environmental problems. You will have a broad educational foundation in environmental studies, social studies and humanities. You will also be well prepared for careers in law, business, economics, resource management, journalism as well as graduate education in either the professions or in research.

Join students in the Northern ENCS Program and spend a semester at Yukon University in Whitehorse, getting hands on experience and credit towards your degree.

BA in Environmental Studies Majors

Environment and Peoples of Canada

Understand environmental challenges facing Canadians, including indigenous perspectives and issues in environmental and resource management.

Food and Society

Explore issues related to sustainable food and agriculture, incorporating social, political, cultural, economic, ethical, and feminist perspectives on issues of contemporary food production.

Politics, Society and the Global Environment

Learn about political and social methodologies relevant for understanding environmental issues from a global perspective.

Careers in Environmental Studies

Community Relations | Sustainability Coordinator | Environmental Education Specialist | Policy Analyst | Environmental/Aboriginal Relations Advisor | Writer | Communications Officer