BA Environmental Studies Approved Program Electives (APE)

Concentrations List

Courses from this list must be selected according to the following directions

  • Students must select one Concentration from the three listed below.
  • Any courses on this list that have already been taken/granted credit for as required program courses cannot be used.
  • Students must have any prerequisites listed in the calendar before taking a course; credit may be denied for courses without the appropriate prerequisites.
  • The Concentration List is updated annually and students must use the most updated version of the list when selecting courses.
  • If a students takes a course, and then that course is removed from the APE list, the student will still recieve APE credit for the course.
  • Course offerings are subject to change. Always refer to Bear Tracks for the most up-to-date course information.

Equivalent courses to those listed here may be offered through Augustana Faculty or Faculte Saint-Jean. Students interested in including courses from these Faculties in their concentration should first consult with their Student Advisor to assess potential equivalency.

Food and Society

Politics, Society, and Global Environment

Culture, Society, and Peoples of Canada