Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

Nutrition & Food Science

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science

Turn your passion of health, food and nutrition into a career with this four-year degree program.

Please note that some of these programs are not a direct-entry, denoted below with the asterisks. Applicants typically complete the first year of studies in the Nutrition and Food Science General Program before transferring to Specialization or Honors programs. Please review the admission requirements for more information.

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop tasty and nutritious food products for people to enjoy.
  • Ensure the food that people eat is safe.
  • Promote healthy living by helping people make nutritious food choices.
  • Apply your knowledge and skills while completing real-world projects and case studies that examine issues faced by the food industry and nutritional health sector.

Careers in Nutrition & Food Science

| Nutritional Consultant | Registered Dietitian | Nutrition / Food Science Research | Food Product Developer | Food Market Researcher | Food and Nutrition Policy | Food Inspector | Community Educator | Nutrition Research Coordinator | Food Quality Assurance Officer | Food Safety Specialist | 

BSc in Nutrition & Food Science Majors

Nutrition & Food Science General Program

Enhance your nutrition and food science career by completing the prerequisites for any of our more specialized degrees, or earn the four-year degree.

Food Science and Technology Specialization*

In this four-year program you will develop the skills you need to succeed with technology and systems used in food manufacturing, preservation, distribution and more.

Dietetics Specialization*

With this degree, go on to practice as a Registered Dietitian (RD). You will gain both the knowledge and practical skills to practice as a Registered Dietitian or Registered Nutritionist. 

*Students cannot apply to the Dietetics Specialization if they have completed more than ★90 of the requirements for BSc Honors in Nutrition, BSc Honors in Food Science or BSc Nutrition and Food Science General Program.

Honors in Food Science* | Nutrition*

Both the Food Science and Nutrition honors programs deliver a specialized, research intensive education.