H M Tory Building

Named after one of the founders and the first president of the university, the Henry Marshal Tory Building didn't have it's official opening until November 18th even though it started holding classes with the start of fall semester in 1966. The Tory Building has always held the Social Science Departments including Anthropology. Plans for the new building began in 1959 when the forecasted numbers of students was 7,000. By the time it opened in 1966, university enrollment was already at 12,000. Plans for the new building were drawn up by Alberta Department of Public Works in co-operation with the university's Campus Development Branch and the construction was apparently handled by the government as the keys were passed to the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the U of A by the Minister of Public Works at the opening ceremony. Estimated cost of construction was 5 million dollars.
Following the opening ceremonies reception in the 14th floor faculty lounge, tours were conducted that included a look at our Archaeology Lab (Tory 1-32, now our Bio-Anthro Lab 1-33). When new, the Tory building was praised for having innovations such as labs equal in number to classrooms and seminar space scattered throughout the faculty office space so professors could get to know their students better.