In Memoriam - Allan Pard

Piikani First Nation elder worked tirelessly to mentor youth and maintain ceremonial tradition

Anthropology staff - 25 May 2016

Allan PardStaff members and students connected with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, as well as from the Institute of Prairie Archaeology, mourn the loss of esteemed Blackfoot ceremonialist Allan Pard. Our thoughts are with his family members, his Horn Society colleagues, and his community.

Jack Ives supplied this photograph of Allan (right) and Blair First Rider (left) working with archaeology field school students in 2012, at Onoka Katzee, Sundial Medicine Wheel. Allan will be greatly missed by all of us.

Jack Ives reports that Allan Pard was instrumental in shaping Gabriel Yanicki's MA thesis on "Old Man's Playing Ground: Gaming and Trade on the Plains/Plateau Frontier," which the Canadian Museum of History subsequently published