New Certificate in Archaeology

Announcing the new Certificate in Archaeology for undergraduate students

13 November 2019

We are pleased to introduce the new Certificate Program in Archaeology for undergraduate students, which was recently approved by the University of Alberta.

Archaeology at the University of Alberta is recognized internationally for its excellence. It is consistently ranked among the top five fields of study at the university as a whole, and is the highest ranked field within the Faculty of Arts.

The Certificate in Archaeology now offers undergraduate students a structured yet flexible program providing a solid grounding in archaeology within or alongside their main field of study. It attests that the student has completed a focused curriculum in archaeological studies and will give a head start to students planning to pursue graduate studies in archaeology or related fields, as well as to those seeking careers in a wide range of fields, including, for example, heritage management and the like.

Certificate programs are designed to be completed in conjunction with regular undergraduate degree programs. They give students the opportunity to enhance their undergraduate program and explore a special area of interest.

Students can begin taking courses towards the certificate this year and courses taken previously may also be eligible (subject to approval - contact the certificate coordinator to confirm this). But please bear in mind that this is the start-up year for the program.

Students may not yet have access to all courses they need at this time. This is particularly the case with the (obligatory) field school, as we will have limited capacity in the Summer of 2020. Therefore we cannot guarantee that students hoping to obtain the certificate will be able to fulfill all requirements before the Summer of 2021.

For further information, please contact the coordinator of the Certificate in Archaeology program, Dr. Steven Hijmans.
Office hours (Fall 2019): Tuesdays from 1 - 2 pm or by appointment (Tory 2-8)
Office phone: 780 492 2561