Gordana Zivkovic Awarded AFA Visual Arts Project Grant

Contract academic instructor in the Department of Art & Design, Gordana Zivkovic, has been awarded an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant for a project entitled "Cinecitta", a series of large scale paintings that relate to the cinematic experience.

25 January 2011

Gordana Zivkovic (MFA, Belgrade University of Fine Arts), contract academic instructor in the Department of Art & Design, will be using an Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant for her "Cinecitta" project. Zivkovic will produce a series of large-scale paintings where she will intercut, overlap, layer and juxtapose scenes from classical movies. By weaving through art represented in movies and movies represented in art, she aims to bring art and film into a conversation that goes beyond just making films more painterly and paintings more filmic. The result will be a series of paintings that will together compose a narrative resembling a cinematic sequence. This sequence will consist of a montage of film and art fragments connected through idiosyncratic associations that come from her life experience and from intertextual links embedded within films themselves as directors quote other films or classical art. Each canvas thus becomes a complex montage of fragments organized by the logic of film as well as the dream logic of the artist's own life.