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David Quinter, PhD

Associate Professor of East Asian Religions


East Asian Studies


Research Areas and Interests

My area of research specialization is East Asian religions, with a focus on medieval Japanese Buddhism. In broad terms, my research examines the interweaving of narratives, rituals, and images in devotional cults and the life portraits of charismatic and other practitioners. Particular interests center on the Shingon Ritsu movement (also known as the Saidaiji order) founded by Eison (1201-90) and Ninshō (1217-1303); medieval Nara Buddhism more broadly; the Manjusri cult in China and Japan; Buddhist devotional cults across Asia; and outcasts (hinin), discrimination, and social welfare in Japanese religion. An emerging area of research interest for me is the study of “lived religion” in Asia and the West in both methodological and empirical terms.



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Teaching Areas

East Asian religions; Japanese religion and culture; Buddhism

Featured Courses

EASIA 223 East Asian Religions

EASIA 323 Topics in East Asian Religions: Edo and Modern Japanese Religions

EASIA 423/JAPAN 523 Advanced Studies in Japanese Religions: Re-Visioning Buddhism and Shinto

RELIG 240 Introduction to Buddhism

RELIG 343 Zen/Chan Buddhism

RELIG 442/542 Advanced Studies in Buddhism: Visual and Material Culture