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Felice Lifshitz, PhD, MPhil, MA, BA



Women's & Gender Studies

About Me

I am a medieval historian now cross-appointed to Women's and Gender Studies and to Religious Studies. 


 I have previously published extensively on medieval cultural, religious and intellectual history, with a particular focus on saint veneration practices, monastic life and women's history, but I am now working on a study of medieval film (that is, films set during the Middle Ages). I am putting the finishing touches on an article entitled ““A Piece of Cachou called Ivanhoe”: Elizabeth Taylor, Medievalist Historical Film, and American Jewish Life,” concerning how the 1952 film "Ivanhoe" helped to combat anti-Semitism in the mid 20th century.


I have taught a wide variety of European and comparative history courses, but now at the University of Alberta I focus on themes such as Feminism and Religion, Representations of Girls and Women, History of Feminist Thought, Feminism and Historical Film, and Women and Gender in the Pre-Modern World.