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Jocelyn Hendrickson, PhD, MA, BA

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and History & Classics, Undergraduate Advisor for Religious Studies


History and Classics | Interdisciplinary Studies

About Me

My research focuses on Islamic legal history in medieval and early modern North Africa (the Maghrib) and al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia). I am particularly interested in the construction and maintenance of authoritative legal opinions, the relationships between legal and literary genres, and legal opinions (fatwas) regarding Christian-Muslim relations during and after the twelfth-to-fifteenth century Christian "Reconquest" of Iberia and expansion into North Africa. My first book project, Beyond the Reconquest: Islamic Legal Resistance to Christian Rule in Northwest Africa, explores North African and Iberian legal discourses concerning Muslims living under Christian rule. 

I have received a SSHRC Insight Development Grant for preliminary research toward my next book project, Pilgrimage on the Periphery: Performance and Prohibition of the Hajj in the Medieval Islamic West.


For current publications, please refer to my page.