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Lesley Harrington, PhD

Associate Professor




I am a biological anthropologist with interests in human skeletal and dental development, bone functional adaptation, and child health.

See my Google Scholar profile or connect with me via ResearchGate


I teach the following courses on a rotational basis:

ANTHR 150  Race & Racism

ANTHR 209  Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTHR 386  Biological Anthropology in Daily Life

ANTHR 390  Human Osteology

ANTHR 443/543  Juvenile Osteology/Advanced Juvenile Osteology

ANTHR 469/569  Dental Anthropology/Advanced Dental Anthropology

I also offer directed readings/research (ANTHR 471/472) and supervise honours research projects (ANTHR 499). Contact me to discuss.

Graduate student supervision: potential graduate students interested in supervision or information about our program are encouraged to contact me.

Current graduate students: Jennifer Nelson (PhD), Alexandra Rocca (MA), Sean Swaters (MA)

Former graduate students: Rajitha Sivakumaran (MA), Julilla Paul (MA), Benjamin Osipov (PhD)