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Linda Trimble, PhD, MA, BA



Political Science

About Me

I received my Ph.D. from Queen's University in 1990, and have been teaching Canadian politics and gender politics in the Department of Political Science since 1989. 

Teaching: I teach four courses fairly regularly:

POLS 224 - Canadian Government

POLS 399 - Research Design and Methods (3rd year honors seminar)

POLS 418 - Media and Politics in Canada

POLS 448/558 - Gender Politics and Mass Media

Research: My current research is on media representations of women political leaders, and women's political representation. My latest project is about women premiers in Canada and Australia.

Pathways to the Premiership: Representation, Motivation and Impact of Women Premiers in Canada and Australia

This SSHRC Partnership Development Grant-funded project establishes a new partnership between university and government institutions whose aim is to illuminate women’s access to and impact in political leadership roles. We plan to achieve this objective by exhaustively detailing and comparing the representative contexts, pathways to the premiership, power and tenure, and impact of the 15 women premiers and a paired sample of 15 equivalent men premiers in Canada and Australia. Personal interviews with women premiers will reveal their motivations and the obstacles and opportunities encountered along the pathway to power. When analyzed together, these rich quantitative and qualitative databases allow us to test a series of theoretical propositions about political career paths and representative impact, offering practical insights and strategies for political parties and community organizations devoted to achieving equality in political representation. 

Gendered Mediation Project

A SSHRC funded study called the Gendered Mediation Project (GMP) analyzes the Globe and Mail's reporting about Canadian national political party leadership contests held between 1975 and 2013. I am the PI on the study, working with Co-investigator Shannon Sampert, and a team of dynamic graduate research assistants: Angelia Wagner, now a SSHRC post-doctoral fellow at McGill University; Daisy Raphael, Vanier Scholar and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alberta; and Bailey Gerrits, Trudeau Scholar and Ph.D. candidate at Queen’s University. We have presented ten papers at scholarly conferences and published three journal articles (listed below), with two more in the revision stage. Right now we are writing a book about the key findings of our study.

Bailey Gerrits, Linda Trimble, Daisy Raphael, Angelia Wagner and Shannon Sampert. 2017. “Political Battlefield: Aggressive Metaphors, Gender, and Power in News Coverage of Canadian Party Leadership Contests.” Feminist Media Studies.

Linda Trimble, Daisy Raphael, Shannon Sampert, Angelia Wagner and Bailey Gerrits. 2015. “Politicizing Bodies: Hegemonic Masculinity, Heteronormativity, and Racism in News Representations of Canadian Political Party Leadership Contests.” Women’s Studies in Communication, 38 (3): 314-330.

Shannon Sampert, Linda Trimble, Angelia Wagner and Bailey Gerrits. 2014. “Jumping the Shark: Mediatization of Canadian Party Leadership Contests, 1975-2012.” Journalism Practice 8 (3): 279-294. (Reprinted in Making Sense of Mediatized Politics: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives, ed. Jesper Stromback and Frank Esser: 135-150. Routledge: Abington and New York.)

Linda Trimble, Angelia Wagner, Shannon Sampert, Daisy Raphael and Bailey Gerrits. 2013. “Is it Personal? Gendered Mediation in Newspaper Coverage of Canadian National Party Leadership Contests, 1975 – 2012.” International Journal of Press/Politics, 18 (4): 462-481.

Women Prime Ministers Project

From my SSHRC-funded project on news coverage of women prime ministers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, I recently finished writing a book called Ms. Prime Minister: Gender, Media and Leadership, which is under contract with University of Toronto Press. Other publications from this project include:

Linda Trimble. 2016. “Julia Gillard and the Gender Wars.” Politics & Gender, 12 (2): 296 -316.

Linda Trimble. 2013. “Melodrama and Gendered Mediation: Television Coverage of Women’s Leadership ‘Coups’ in New Zealand and Australia.” Feminist Media Studies, 14 (4): 663-678.

Linda Trimble, Natasja Treiberg and Sue Girard. 2010. “’Kim-Speak’: Gendered Mediation of Kim Campbell During the 1993 Canadian National Election.” Recherches Feministes 23 (1): 29-52.

Linda Trimble and Natasja Treiberg. 2010. “’Either Way, There’s Going to be a Man in Charge’: Media Representations of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.” In Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling ed. Rainbow Murray. Santa Barbara and Oxford: Praeger, 116-136.


Research Areas and Interests:

Canadian politics, especially media and politics

Media coverage of political leadership

Women's political representation


Teaching areas:

Canadian Politics

Media Politics

Gender and Mass Media

What I'm teaching in 2017 -18:

POLS 448/558 - Gender Politics and Mass Media 

POLS 399 - Third Year Honors Seminar: Research Design and Methods

Honors and Graduate Supervision

I’m happy to supervise honors and graduate students who want to research issues related to women's political career paths; media and Canadian politics; and gender, media and politics, especially gendered mediation of politics and political leadership.